Monday, April 1, 2013

Irvine, yeah!

Hey everybody!

So anther wonderful week here in Irvine, the immaculate city! I was so excited that it was Easter yesterday. So awesome. I loved our Sunday service. It was so uplifting to really think about Christ and His Atonement. I was able to reflect on when I have felt touched by the power of the Atonement which has been frequent during the course of my mission. I have felt his strengthening and comforting hand reaching out to me as I have sought Him. 

One thing that the Bishop shared in the 3rd hour was from the Last Supper. When the Savior said that one of the twelve would betray him they all asked, "Is it I?" The humility that these men must have showed to recognize their own human weakness and ask if they were capable of that. I really liked the idea of that whole thought. 

We also talked about doubt in our lives. I had actually just come across a scriptural expression in the Book of Mormon that says look forward with an eye of faith. I really liked that. In life we can either rationalize and explain away the spiritual experience and feelings that we have or we can view them through an eye of faith and see the hand of God. I feel like I have chosen to look with an eye of faith but that isn't necessarily an easy decision to come to but it is so worth it!

So happy news. The Anaheim East Stake where I served for more than a year has been putting on a performance called Savior of the World. We were allowed to go if we could bring an investigator. I got Natalie to go and it was super awesome. I had dinner with Jeremy's family before hand and it was so awesome to catch up with them. Then I got to see tons of people that I knew super good at the performance. And the musical itself was super good. All in all a great experience. You forget how close you get to so many people that you serve around. I love it!

Gotta go! I am trying to read the whole Book of Mormon today and I am only in Alma. 

Love ya,
Elder Arnold

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