Monday, March 11, 2013

Still going...

March 4, 2013


Everything is going awesome! We had interviews with President Bowen this week and it was good. It is always great to be able to talk with him and get some advice. The first thing he said was well it was really good to have you in the mission the last two years. I was like, "I'm still here." We laughed about that for a second. It was kind of like the pre-departing interview. Kind of nostalgic and everything, but super good. He said work hard to the end and I said yes sir!

I can't think of anything super exciting to say. 

One cool thing I have been doing is I bought a journal last week and have been writing down all the stories that I remember from my mission and the things that have impacted me. It is cool to see the hard times and the good times from a bigger picture perspective. So awesome. 

Love you all,
Elder Arnold

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