Monday, March 18, 2013

Service, service, service

Hey everyone,

We had a pretty busy week. It was the first week of the transfer so we were busy driving everyone around and getting them situated. Crazy all the errands we have to run. It makes it worse that 3 sets of Elders are on bikes so we have to give lots of rides. But I'm not complaining or anything :)

We helped two different people move this week. One of the investigators in the other ward moved with his family. It was one of those nightmare moves where almost nothing is packed up and you kinda just stand around waiting for direction to help pack up some of the chaos. But we got most of that done. So that is good. And I am sure it will make a big difference in how they perceive the church.

That reminds me of a story. There was a younger guy named Marc who got baptized in the Northwood ward. I was the one to interview him for baptism. Really nice guy who married a member. Anyway, his parents came to his baptism and really enjoyed it. A couple of days later I was on splits with one of the Northwood Elders and a car died in front of us. So we pulled over to the side of the road and started running back to help them. We helped push their car safely out of the way. A few days after that the other Elder I was with ran into Marc's parents and they asked if he had been the Elder to run out and help that car. It turns out they were driving by just as we were helping. Perfect timing.

We also helped another lady move this week. My back is still a little sore from how many boxes we packed. Fun stuff though.

Love ya,
Elder Arnold

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