Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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January 28, 2013


So all is going well here in Irvine! It rained a little bit this last week which was a nice change of pace. Now it is back to being nice and sunny. 

Stuff that happened this week: We went to visit one of our investigators that is going through a 12 step program. For the second step she made a list of questions about God that she wants answers to and is asking different people that she knows. We got to be the first ones to answer. When we have a lesson with her it is hard because she likes to talk a lot. Filling out these questions with her was great because she had to take notes on what we were saying. So a few questions were how do you pray and what do you believe happens after we die? These were awesome questions to answer. Each one was like a mini question and it was stuff she actually wanted to learn for herself and not just stuff we were telling her. Awesome.

I have also been reading through the Book of Mormon with different questions and I highlight the answers I find. So last month I read it looking for the characteristics of Christ. Then I wrote up a couple of paragraphs about what I learned. It is way cool because you can focus on something that you want to learn. It is making reading the Book of Mormon way exciting. 

Love you guys!
Elder Arnold

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