Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love God

February 19, 2013


Well another great week flies by! We were able to set up some great things for this coming week and are excited about the work we have going. 

I spoke in zone conference this last week on Valentine's day! I think you might find some of my comments interesting. I talked somewhat about motivation in missionary work. We are motivated by different things. Some of these things are fear, wanting a reward or blessing, duty and love. We get up in the morning for fear that the APs will come knock on our door. We go out to find people so that our numbers will look good. We keep knocking doors because we feel duty bound to God and will feel guilty if we stop. The most powerful motivation is the love of God and our fellowmen.  Perhaps that is why it is the first and great commandment. I have worked the hardest in my mission when I have felt the love of our Father in Heaven and I want to do His work. I shared a scriptural example of this in Alma 4:3-5, 9-10 the people are awakened to a remembrance of their duty and begin to establish the church more fully. A year later the church begins to fail in its progress and falls into wickedness. They are only motivated by duty so it doesn't last. In 4 Nephi 1:15 the people have the love of God in their hearts so the church stays strong for 200 years. A striking contrast. Fitting that my remarks centered on love on Valentines Day :)

Hopefully I didn't bore you. I remember not really liking to read gospel comments in missionary’s letters home. I was just like: get to the action. haha. 

I don't know if I have ever really written very much about one of our investigators named Natalie. She is 16 and has been investigating the church for like 8 months now. She ran up to missionaries at a park and told them she wanted to get baptized. She was coming to church and wants to get baptized but her mom is vehemently opposed to it. Sad day. But we still meet with and teach her. She is super awesome and so filled with faith. She finished the Book of Mormon on Christmas Eve and started crying because it meant so much to her. Anyway, getting to the action story of the week: we texted her to set up an appointment and we got a kinda scary text back. She said that she had heard some stuff on the news and read some articles that she didn't think she could ever be Mormon. Uh oh not the thing you want to hear as a missionary. I sent her another text reminding her of what she had felt and the Book of Mormon. She said that she would always love the people and the Book of Mormon and that she had tried to forget what she had heard but she couldn't get over it. It is funny because we were texting back and forth while I was reading from the Book of Mormon and I came across this verse that very night Helaman 16:22. Fitting. Well I bore my testimony via a 6 part text. I told her that early on in my mission I had heard some stuff that really shook me; that I even prayed to know if I should stay on my mission. There were some things that really helped me. Getting answers from back home to clarify what I had heard, but also more importantly, the peace that the Spirit whispered to me as I prayed about it. I bore my testimony: I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I feel it in my heart. We got a short text back: I believe you. I still felt the spirit when I read that. I will keep praying. It was so awesome to get that text! It is cool that even via text people can feel the power of the Holy Ghost. I love this Church and this work! There is such peace and light that comes into your life from it. I would do anything for my Father in Heaven. 

Hopefully that was a better action story! Haha. Love ya!
Elder Arnold

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