Monday, February 25, 2013

Embarrassing stories…


Well another great week preaching the gospel! 

Kinda funny story of the week. Well somehow I was able to pry out Elder Walker's most embarrassing stories of his life. Believe me the word pry is appropriate because it took a lot of persuading but it was worth it because they were pretty hilarious. He said that he never had an embarrassing moment until he got a girlfriend; now he has lots of good ones. Kinda funny that we were having this discussion because of what happened last night. Kinda embarrassing and kinda gross. Be warned for the lighthearted and light stomached. We had a pretty late lunch after church and our meetings. We had a big thing of salmon left in the fridge that I promptly chowed down on. Then shortly after that we went to our dinner appointment. They were a really cool couple that fed us some delicious pasta. I started off by drinking some sparkling cider bubbly. Tasted good but probably wasn't the best first layer in the stomach. Ate a bunch of dinner that made me really full. Went and shared a message in living room and then had dessert served. A super huge piece of really really rich chocolate cheesecake with a full glass of milk. The first bite was really good and then it was just torture. Somehow I managed to squeeze it all down until I came to the last bite. The dad hadn't finished his last bit either so I thought I was going to be ok to not eat it. But that last little bite was staring me down. It was challenging me to finish it and I couldn't turn down that dare. After I ate it I was done for! I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible. They asked me to say the closing prayer which was perfect because I could use the short prayers I always so masterfully offered as a kid when I was really hungry. We were about out of there when they offered some water bottles to go. My comp accepted and I was dying inside. Noooo! We got to go. Finally we had the bottles and I shot out of the apartment and down the stairs. Finally able to relieve my stomach in the nearest dumpster. Phew. Most embarrassing situation of all time barely averted but still kind of embarrassing.

We got sushi on Monday :)

Love you all,
Elder Arnold

After hearing that mowing the lawn release chemicals in the grass that makes people feel happy and relaxed, Matthew said: We go to a lady house who lives in the ward on Fridays usually and mow her lawn. It is pretty small so it is just enough to make one nostalgic but not enough to be super hard work. I am always super excited to cut the lawn.

Pretty crazy that there is going to be an Irvine mission. Guess we did such a good job here they had to make it a mission. :) I am pretty sure it won't happen until after I am done so no worries.

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