Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do a Good Turn Daily

January 22, 2013


Here are the highlights of the week!

We got to go to the temple today as a zone which was awesome. It is so spiritually refreshing. It was way cool because I bumped into a kid I went to Provo High with. His name is Jeremy and he was in my biology class my senior year. He is a way chill kid. He is leaving on his mission to Arizona next week. He sat on my same table in Biology and we had tons of fun together. We made a rule that our table was a no swearing table and signed a little constitution. haha. I was so confused when I first saw him. It was way hard to place the familiar face after 3 years. Way cool though!

We helped a kinda crazy guy move yesterday. We had talked to him before because he is way into some eastern religious movements and wanted to "enlighten" us. haha. But we went back yesterday and he was moving so we helped him load up the truck and get him ready to go. He hosts a radio show a couple of nights a week on his religious thoughts and stuff. We are probably going to get to call into the show and talk about what it is like to be Mormon. That would be cool. 

We taught an atheist polish guy yesterday which was way cool. I had sat down with him once before like 10 minutes and felt like I made little progress answering his unrelated questions and concerns. This time we really tied everything back to the restoration as we went through the first lesson. He liked the idea of doing an experiment and seeking out truth. He is willing to read the Book of Mormon. He has such a nice young family that the gospel and church would help so much. 

Love you all,
Elder Arnold

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