Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blast from the Past

February 11, 2013


I got to go to a baptism in the Anaheim 6th ward on Saturday and it was so awesome. It was for Jen Atchelay. She is married to a member named Ray. I taught her every week for 6 months while I was in that ward. She was catholic and planned on staying that way. She had never come to church before and would always say she would come but then never come. Elders in the past had really pushed baptism and wanted her to pray about it a bunch. She told them she had a couple signs that she should stay catholic like after she prayed she looked up and saw a picture of Mary and stuff like that. So while I was there we showed them movies and had basic gospel discussions. The one step of progress she made while I served there was she came to church my second to last week in the ward. We twisted her arm and it was Mother's Day so it was perfect and she came and loved it and never stopped going. The Elders have been working with her for the past year to break a lot of habits and get her ready for this last weekend. It was so cool to see lots of hard work by a lot of people pay off and see how amazing it was for their family. They seemed so happy. It was a perfect baptism. Except she had to get baptized twice ;)

Going to that baptism was incredible. It made me realize how the small things do bring about great things; that no effort is wasted. I love this work. I love the Lord and would do anything for Him and His children here. 

Love you all!
Elder Arnold

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