Monday, January 14, 2013


January 14, 2013


So we had a good week here. Sometimes I feel like nothing that exciting happened this week but then I always remember a bunch of small miracles that have happened. It is awesome.

We taught an investigator named Denise on Monday night. She is a single mom of three boys with a Christian background. We brought a really cool member who is a convert to the church. He told her about how he gained his testimony by reading and praying. He received a strong spiritual answer. We came back a couple of nights later and talked to her about if she has gotten an answer. It was interesting because she said that she hadn't felt anything as she prayed. But she said as Bro. Luther was describing the answer that he got when he prayed that was exactly how she was feeling during the lesson. She was like I am not quite sure what it was. I was like I know exactly what that was, it was the Spirit telling you it is true! It was a good lesson. We are teaching her again tonight. 

We were going to visit some potentials one night this last week when the thought came that we needed to go and check up on one of our investigators. So we drove all the way over there and she wasn't home. I was like well that was lame. As we were getting in the car to drive away a guy that we knew walked by. He is moving on Tuesday and he wants us to come teach him on Tuesday morning. It was cool that even though our investigator wasn't home we were led to be at a place at the perfect time to catch this guy one last time. The Lord is trying his best to help us out. 

I love this work!

Elder Arnold

January 7, 2013


Life is going great here in Cali! 

One cool experience. We were visiting with this guy who was a convert to the church but has been inactive for a very long time. Super nice but is pretty much a catholic now. He invited us to come have breakfast with him on New Year’s Day. So we decided to go because we can't turn down free food. We show up and meet a bunch of his family. He introduces us as the elders who come over to harass him. haha he is a jokester. We are sitting next to his sister and eating our breakfast. We get all of the normal questions about how long we have been here and where do we stay and all of that stuff. Then his sister asks us what are our favorite scriptures. What is the scripture that we always turn to?  So Elder Wadsworth pulls out his Book of Mormon and shares 3 Nephi 18:19-20. It says that if you pray to the Father in the name of Christ he will give it to you if it is right. You can tell that the scripture hits her pretty hard. She takes the Book of Mormon to look and see if it is really there. She puts it down and starts to tear up. She relates how often her mother used to pray. So that scripture rung a perfect cord with her. She started to ask about the Book of Mormon so we read a little bit out of the Introduction with her and offered her a copy. She said that she would really love a copy. So after that it is time to leave. She says she wants to walk us out. When we get outside she pulls out $40 and says I really want to donate to you guys. We try to turn it down but we end up accepting to not be rude. We told her we would give it to the church to help the poor and needy. So we turned it in as fast offerings. Then we got a call later that day from Jack who is the inactive guy. He thanked us for coming over and related that his sister wants to take us to dinner and meet with us when she gets back from her trip in a few weeks. And he gave us her number. It was pretty cool to see how powerful the scriptures can be. 

I love you all!
Elder Arnold

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