Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for the Gospel


Still living the life here in Irvine! We had a pretty good week. A bunch of our appointments got moved back a week so that is disappointing but no big because now we should have a great week this week. Yay!

We recently taught this kid named Josh. He was less active and going to another Christian church because he really likes the music there. His dad is super active and is a convert to the church. We set up an appointment with Josh and started teaching him the first lesson and about halfway through he stopped us and was like yeah I know the church is true and I need to come back. So we committed him to come and he showed up that Sunday with one of his friends. He also came yesterday with a different friend.

We were visiting a potential later that night and we set up an appointment with her. Then she told us her nephew went to church that day and pulled out a program. It was for our church! He and Josh were out on the balcony so they came out and started talking to us. So now we are teaching that family this week hopefully. I guess the Lord really wanted them to be taught. Getting them from two different sides. 

Love you guys!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Elder Arnold

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