Friday, September 21, 2012

The Work Rolls On

September 17, 2012
Dear Everyone,

So we had a really great week here in Anaheim.

It has been really hot here this last week. It was a little over a hundred degrees a couple of days. One Friday we were out knocking doors all afternoon in the heat. So hot! In the middle of knocking the complex we realized we hadn't prayed yet so we bowed our heads in the middle of the sidewalk. We prayed that we could find someone humble in heart. After that we finally talked to a couple of interested people after not finding almost anybody home or even remotely interested. The Lord does hear our prayers and direct our paths.

We were trying to catch one of our investigators home the other night and we couldn't get into the complex for like 15 minutes because all the doors were locked and nobody was coming in or out. We were getting frustrated and ready to quit when an old guy came out and so we finally got in. It turned out that she was just getting home and we would have missed her if we had gotten in the complex earlier. Maybe the Lord was stalling us for a little while so we could catch her home. It is cool to see the little miracles each week.

I love you all!
Elder Arnold

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