Sunday, September 9, 2012

Small Miracles Every Day

September 4, 2012

Hey everyone!

So the last week has been pretty fun here in Anaheim. The weather is good and we are doing the Lord's work.

One good experience was when I was on exchanges in another ward this week.
The Elders there had tracted into a family and had shared that their message was one that could unite families. It really interested them and they set up a return appointment. So I was there for that appointment but the problem was only the daughter spoke English and both the parents were Spanish only. We brought a member that was bilingual so he ended up translating. They explained how they were having problems with extended family and wondered how our message could help. After talking about that for awhile we taught them the message of the Restoration. We would share a line or two of doctrine and have our member translate. It was a really neat experience because we taught everything very simply and to the point so that he could translate. The Spirit was so strong! Because of how basic everything was and they could really understand what we were saying and the Spirit could testify. Like the first principle talking about who God is: all we said was that God is the Father of our Spirits and he loves us very much. Then we would move on to the next point. The Gospel really is very simple.

One funny thing that happened this week that has to do with Elder Tietjen.
First, you have to know that Elder Tietjen loves and knows everything to do with cars. All day every day it is like a car encyclopedia is being downloaded into my head as we drive around. So when we were on that exchange, Elder Tietjen got to be the driver in our area. When we meet back up there was a little spare tire on the car. He had hit a curb and popped the tire. I razzed him so much because he is the car expert. Super funny.

Great things are happening!

Elder Arnold

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