Monday, September 24, 2012

Another week


So everything is going great here in Anaheim. I think I start all of my emails that way. Haha oh well. I want to share one cool experience that came to a conclusion this past weekend. At the beginning of the transfer we had a district leaders meeting with President Bowen. He talked about how we can lift our districts. He talked about a lot of really awesome things. During this meeting I felt impressed to really focus on helping the sisters baptize this transfer. So I called them up later that evening and talked with them about a goal for baptizing this transfer. One of the sisters has served in that ward for all but 3 transfers of her mission and this was going to be her last transfer. During her time in that ward she hadn't seen a baptism. So she started telling me how hard their area is and that they will try but no guarantees. Not really the reaction I was looking for so I said a few more words of encouragement and then I promised that I would pray every day for them to find somebody to baptize. And I kept that promise. Throughout each day of this last transfer I have prayed fervently for the sisters in their area. One day as they were getting in their car they felt a prompting to go back and knock a certain street. There they knocked into a girl who was super humble and let them come in and teach her. Her name is Anna and she was baptized this last weekend. It was the first baptism in that ward in 2 years. I am so happy for them! I know that prayers are answered and that this is the Lord's work. I'm not trying to indicate that they found someone just because I was praying for them but because of their hard work and the Lord's will and of course because Anna was so awesome.

We also saw the last flight of the space shuttle. We were driving and we saw a bunch of cars parked on this overpass. So we stopped and asked what was going on. We were informed that the space shuttle will be flying around here pretty soon. So we waited for a few minutes and there it was. It was so big I was surprised. Really cool to see it being flown around and escorted by two fighter jets.

Elder Arnold

PS  Yay that grandma is with you guys. Tell her hi and I love her.

Yeah we have transfers this next week. My guess is that I am leaving but who knows. I'm happy with what ever. I have really enjoyed being with Elder Tietjen.

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