Monday, August 6, 2012

Too blessed to be stressed

We were walking out of a store this last week and passed by a lady that worked there. We asked her how she was doing and she responded that she was well. She asked us how we were doing and we also said good. You know it was just a typical exchange.  But then she, in response to us saying that we were doing good, she said, “Too blessed to be stressed.” Haha it was awesome!!! And I think it was a very true thing.  It is amazing how many blessings the Lord showers down upon us as missionaries. It feels so good to be On the Lord's Errand.

We went to the Gutierrez this week and watched the movie about the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was fun and we had popcorn and everything.  That family is making a lot of progress in the gospel and it is amazing to see it. We also taught Eddie again this week. He is the one who was in jail. We were able to explain about the plan of salvation.  He had a lot of questions but as we explained everything, you could kind of see the light bulb go on in his head as he contrasted it to what he had been taught by other religions. He was confused about repentance and he felt like just saying sorry isn't enough. So we explained what repentance really is and he was like oh that makes sense. 

We had that fireside last night. We didn't end up getting a lot of non members out but it was still a success and I think that the excitement about missionary work will increase.

I love you all!
Elder Arnold

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