Monday, August 6, 2012


July 30, 2012


So everything is going great here in Anaheim! We were able to teach some new cool people this week. One guy that we taught just got out of jail a couple of months ago and he was locked up for 5 years. Crazy!  He is covered from head to toe in tattoos. He started studying all sorts of religions in jail and so he is pretty smart. We will see what happens there. We also taught this college student who requested missionaries from First time I have had a referral like that on my mission. He is really interested and has a ton of questions. Hopefully he will stay interested.
So this last week or two there have been some riots here in Anaheim over some shootings. We were driving and we saw all these police cars and the road was blocked off. We asked the guy in a 7/11 and he told us that the police shot somebody. It was in the sister’s area next to us. So I called them and was like so you know how we are supposed to be shepherds over our respective areas? And they were like what? Well you let one of your sheep get shot! The wolves came in and you were sleeping huh. We had a pretty good laugh about it. Then when the riots started we were able to razz them a little bit about the people protesting against their bad shepherding. haha.

This week we are holding a fireside in our ward for people to come and learn about the church. Some converts in our ward are going to speak and then our mission president is going to talk on the Restoration. We are hoping that a lot of people will attend.

I love you all!

Elder Arnold

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