Friday, July 27, 2012

July 23, 2012


So we had a pretty good week here. Nothing too exciting happened or anything. Elder Tietjen is doing great for a new missionary. I barely have to teach him anything; he already has most of it down. One funny thing about training that I didn't really think about is that he has all the news from the outside world. So now I am more up to date on what is happening in the secular world. It is weird to think of all the stuff I don't know about anymore.

We started teaching a kid named Angel who is 16 and plays basketball on the local high school team. He accepted baptism on the 2nd lesson and now we just need to help him come to church. He is awesome and is keeping commitments and reading the Book of Mormon. It is cool how many youth we are teaching. They are way more open to the gospel message it seems for the most part.

At the beginning of the month we are going to be having a really cool fireside. We are going to have some recent converts share their conversion experience and testimony and then our mission president is going to be speaking about the restoration with some mingle and refreshments following. It is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile and this ward very quickly jumped on the bandwagon. At our dinner appointments people are committing to bring friends and it should be a great way to be introduced to new investigators.

One funny story is that the ASL sisters were tracting in our area and they called us to refer some people that they found. They told me about this 14 year old girl named Jackie who we should go visit. I was a little weirded out that they were teaching someone so young but they said she was super interested. So we stopped by and knocked a couple of times and didn't get an answer. Then as we were about to walk away they opened and said their parents told them not to answer the door for strangers but they knew it was us and they wanted us to come back when their parents were home. We told them to check with their parents and make sure it was ok if we came and taught their family. So we stopped by again a couple of nights later and the whole family was watching TV together in the dark with the door open. It is always a little tricky when the door is already open. We knock and poke our heads in and the whole family is kinda just like what the? We are like, is Jacky here? But after the shock, Jacky jumps up and says come on in come on in. So we hesitantly come in and they turn the lights on. Half the family scatters to the rooms and we sit down kinda awkwardly. The parents only speak Spanish so we kinda motion to make sure it is alright that we are there. We start teaching the first lesson and Jackie is just smiling so big the whole time. And the only time she wasn't smiling was during the first vision when her smile kinda just becomes a stunned face. Everyone was just getting slapped by the Spirit. The older daughter is translating for the mom who is standing in the room. We have the older daughter close with a prayer and then explained that we would send the Spanish elders by. So then on our drive home who rides by but the Spanish elders on their bicycles. I guess Heavenly Father really wanted us to pass that family over quickly. haha. It was a fun lesson to teach.

I love you all,

Elder Arnold

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