Friday, July 27, 2012

July 2, 2012
Hello from Anaheim!

Pretty awesome week! I will hit some of the highlights for everybody.

On Thursday we had district meeting on finding by visiting former investigators. So we talked all about how that is a great resource to find people to teach. Then that night we went and visited a less active lady who is really nice and funny. We had helped her come to church last week. So the cool thing is that she is really good friends with a mother and daughter who haven't been coming to church. The daughter is 10 and used to be taught by missionaries a year ago. So both of those 2 were over at her house and we were able to talk to them even more. And then the next door neighbors had been taught by sister missionaries a couple years previously and the kids were outside playing basketball. We started talking to them and we ended up playing with them. They invited us back the next day to play with them a little bit more which after checking with the parents we decided to. So the next day we went and played a little bit more basketball with them. We are going to have them come to the pancake breakfast on Wednesday for the 4th of July and we will see what happens. It was cool to contact 2 former investigators that very day. haha. So the 2 kids we played ball with are 13 and 10. Bailey is 13 and he is shorter than his 10 year old sister Avery so they are on the short side so they called me a giant playing basketball with them. It wasn't really fair but still very fun.

We started teaching a girl named Alicia this week. She is the girlfriend of the son of a family that we visit once a week. They are the Cruz family. Noel and Emma always feed us this really good Philippines (however you spell that) food. So we were asking Noel one day, while Alicia was in watching TV, if she would be interested in the church. She overheard us talking about her and talked to Noel about it later. And so he told her and she said that she is interested. So we taught the 1st lesson on Sunday and it went good. She is very open to learning and already has a testimony of prayer.

We are teaching Ozzie and his mom again tonight so hopefully that goes well. We taught the Gutierrez family again this last week and it was awesome. They came to church and are coming to the 4th of July pancake breakfast. The work is progressing really well as the Lord directs it. 

Elder Arnold

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