Monday, June 4, 2012



So it was a really good first week in my new area. I already love it so much and there is a lot of potential for missionary work in this area. We are excited to move forward and start teaching a lot.
The bad news of the week was that we got pretty sick on Friday. We think it was food poisoning from some food that some members gave us. Elder Munguia had it worse because his stomach kept emptying itself. I managed to keep everything in but have felt pretty under the weather. So we have tried to take it easy the last couple of days. A member named Sister Avila made us chicken noodle soup and it was soooo good! I felt a little better after that. But everything is a lot better now and I am back to 95% which is great.

I am really liking my new district. I am getting to serve around some great Elders and Sisters. It is cool to be able to cover the main parts of Anaheim instead of just a little piece. President Bowen actually lives in our district and I am not very far away from him. Maybe he needed to keep a closer eye on me. haha.
We are working with some cool people that I will tell you more about later.

Love, Elder Arnold

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