Monday, June 11, 2012



Well it was such a good week here. We were able to teach more than last week and connect with more of our investigators. A really cool family that we are teaching is the Gutierrez family. The dad and oldest daughter are members but the mom and the younger sister Jessica(16) and brother Sam(13) are not members. Kristina the oldest daughter actually joined the church in the Yorba Linda 5th ward about a year before I served there. I had heard people talk about her. She was dating one of the guys who went on a mission to Peru. I knew him when he came back and he was cool. They have been coming to sacrament meeting for the last month or so. We were able to teach them the Plan of Happiness. It went well. I think the most powerful part was when we taught them about eternal families. It resonated really well. Sam is such a stud and has been taking the Book of Mormon with him to school to read during reading times. So awesome!

We did a car wash with the Zone Leaders this week. We did it just to do community service but not very many people showed up and it was mostly members. But oh well good try.

We are going to the zoo as a district today which should be fun so I don't have as much time to email. I think it will be a good activity to get the sisters in the district involved instead of just playing sports.

Elder Arnold

PS  Yep I saw the transit of Venus! Aren't you so proud of me? At first I didn't know if I was hallucinating the little dot that I saw or what. At our dinner appointment I broke out the glasses so the family could see it. The mom had actually already heard about it and had wanted to show the oldest son because he was really into it. There was an investigator there as well that looked at it also. It was pretty cool but really small.

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