Monday, May 28, 2012

May 7, 2012


Well we had a pretty exciting week! We went and watched Jeremy play in a baseball game and Elder Parry got hit by a baseball. Out of all the people in the stands of course it was him. haha. The pitcher threw it off the batter's helmet and it went flying up over the fence and landed right on Elder Parry. He didn't get hurt very bad though which is good.

Funny story. I was on exchanges with Elder Nuss on like Thursday. We decided to go out tracting for a little while. After I finally pulled a bunch of u-turns and finally decided where to go we were walking down the sidewalk on the way to where we were going to go knock. A car pulled over and this Hispanic guy kinda starts messing with us and is like mormones hable espanol etc, etc. Then he says just kidding, Elders do you know how to get to the five freeway. So we explain how and then we ask him if he wants to come out knocking with us for a little while. He says that he would love to and he parks his car. We then learn that he is a convert and after 7 years he became a bishop in LA. Then he became a member of the mission presidency. Which is what he is now. So we are like dang we are going out with a member of the LA mission presidency. So we knock a couple of doors and no one is home. Then we run into this lady named Liz who likes to joke around and really strikes up a good conversation with our impromptu mission presidency guy (his name is John). He then just starts to bear powerful testimony. She says that she really does need some religion in her life and this sounds like it could be for her. So then we set up an appointment for the next night and John goes back home to LA.

The next night we are eating dinner with the Bishop when our ward mission leader Bro Jackson cancels on coming to Liz's for the appointment. We scramble to find someone else but it is in half an hour and so nothing works. The Bishop offers to come with us which we feel bad about because he is a super new Bishop and super busy, but oh well. So we head over there and Liz answers the door and is like oh no I forgot all about it and my daughter, who is 16, is throwing an impromptu cinco de mayo party with her friends. I kinda poke my head in and see a couple of high school girls listening to music and eating.  I was like crap because we dragged the bishop all the way over here for this awesome contact and now it is going to fall through. The daughter comes to the door and is pretty much like what the crap are these guys doing here. So Liz is trying to bail on us but ends up offering us a taco. I seize the opportunity and say sure and just walk in. So now we are dragging the bishop into the middle of a little high school party with a couple of random girls. The daughter is mostly just like what are these guys doing here but she starts cooking some meat and making us tacos. We strike up some conversation and end up sitting down and eating with them all. I am mostly just trying to crack jokes and put everyone at ease. I don't know how well that worked. Then after we are done eating we say well no cinco de mayo party is done without a quick spiritual thought. So we gather all the chairs around and start teaching lesson 1. It went pretty good considering where we started. I could tell the girls were like what the crap, but we made it through that pretty successfully and I think they were feeling the Spirit. So now we have a return appointment and I'm not sure how we are going to top that first lesson we taught. haha.

We are also teaching this guy named Dan who is the boyfriend of a lady in our ward named Saralee. Saralee is a convert of about 3 years and is super awesome. Dan is a detective for Anaheim PD and the head sniper on their sniper team. A way chill guy. So I was texting Saralee to make sure they we were good to come over for the 1st lesson and I said don't fall asleep right before like last time(because that happened), just kidding we love you guys. But I missed the you and it said just kidding we love guys. Oops. She sent back I think you are going to need to talk to the Bishop about that one. Haha pretty funny.

I love you all,

Elder Arnold

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