Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012


So I got transferred to a new area! I am now serving in the Anaheim 2nd Ward with Elder Munguia. He has been out about 9 months and is super awesome. He is from Brooklyn and loves the Yankees. I don't know him that well yet but I already like him. I guess this ward is super awesome and a lot of great work is already happening with some great investigators. Looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people this week. Always fun. It is sad to leave Elder Parry because he always made me laugh but we had a good run.

So we spent the last 2 days just saying goodbye to all the cool people in the ward. I made a lot of really good friends and so it is always really hard to say goodbye. I felt like I was able to make an impact on a number of families in this ward. Probably the family that I am closest with was Jeremy Greer's family. They are all pretty much active now and Jeremy is baptized and Stephen is on a mission. So awesome to see the difference from when I started visiting there to now.

There is a lady named Jen Atchely that missionaries have been trying to get baptized for years. But she would never even come to church. Now she has been coming the last 3 weeks in a row. So cool to see how different things will touch different people. The Lord is preparing people all of the time to receive his restored truth.

I am going to miss the 6th ward but am excited for a new area.

Elder Arnold

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