Monday, May 28, 2012

May 21, 2012

What’s up?!

So we had a super funny gospel principles class at church yesterday.

Just tons of funny random people interacting together. So there is this guy named Mohommad who comes to church but he goes by Ray. He is Muslim. He lived in Utah for 5 years and became good friends with the Bishop there and went to church. He actually worked for DI for two years while he was in Utah. So now he has moved here to live with his sister and has started to come to church for the last month or so. He speaks with a heavy accent and he likes to make lots of jokes. Then we also have Katie who just got baptized and she has autism. Then we have a guy named Scott who is a convert from a long time ago and he is just starting to come back to church so that he can get on welfare. Plus some other random people. So Bro. Jackson is teaching and shows a couple minute video clip of the first vision so we can talk about God the Father. Then Ray the muslim guy starts going off about how can you know that it really happened. Maybe if you are a little kid you believe but how as old man you believe. Then talking about Bro. Jackson he says you old man how do you believe. Everyone was just kinda shocked because he called Bro. Jackson old. Then Scott from the other side pipes up to explain why we believe and how Jesus died for us and then Ray is like Jesus didn't die God protected him (because that is what Muslim people believe). This whole time Bro. Jackson is trying to get control of the lesson by saying let’s get back on topic. But he keeps getting cut off. Also Katie is sitting in the back alternating between laughing and asking when it is going to be over. I helped diffuse it by telling Ray we can talk to him after. So he stopped asking so many questions in an accusatory manner. So funny. Plus we have some people who are there actually trying to learn and that we are working with and we just have all of this crazy stuff going on. Funniest Sunday school class I have ever been to.

We had some great lessons this week and some great people who are progressing. We will see what happens this next week.

I love you guys,

Elder Arnold

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