Monday, April 16, 2012

Triumphant Trio

Dear All,

Super good week out in the mission! One exciting thing was that we were in a trio for the last half of the week. That was pretty fun. A missionary in our district ended up going home and so we were with Elder Anderson for a couple of days. We got to go to both wards on Sunday and ended up meeting a lot of new people.

Amy will be proud of me this week. We were out knocking doors when we ran into this lady who was having the worst day ever. It looked like she was about to cry and when we asked how it was going she said horrible. So we drove to the church and picked some flowers and made a little bouquet. We then went back and knocked and gave it to her. Hopefully it helped her day out a little. The arrangement was so good because I channeled Amy's inner spirit. haha jk.

We got this little sound box this week that Elder Parry has been having a lot of fun with. It has different buttons that make different sounds like clapping or laughing. During dinners he will push the laughing button when he makes a joke. Super funny!

We have been giving quite a few blessings this week. This ward has a lot of older members so we get that privilege a lot here. My oil actually ran out and I had to fill it up. First time that has happened.

Oh it was transfers today but Elder Parry and I are staying together for another one. An 8 year old girl that we taught the lessons to for fun got baptized yesterday. We got to be the witnesses. Elder Hansen came so that was cool. His mom sent Elder Parry and I Alabama ties so we all wore those to the baptism. haha.

I love you,
Have a great week,
Elder Arnold

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