Monday, April 16, 2012

Triumphant Trio

Dear All,

Super good week out in the mission! One exciting thing was that we were in a trio for the last half of the week. That was pretty fun. A missionary in our district ended up going home and so we were with Elder Anderson for a couple of days. We got to go to both wards on Sunday and ended up meeting a lot of new people.

Amy will be proud of me this week. We were out knocking doors when we ran into this lady who was having the worst day ever. It looked like she was about to cry and when we asked how it was going she said horrible. So we drove to the church and picked some flowers and made a little bouquet. We then went back and knocked and gave it to her. Hopefully it helped her day out a little. The arrangement was so good because I channeled Amy's inner spirit. haha jk.

We got this little sound box this week that Elder Parry has been having a lot of fun with. It has different buttons that make different sounds like clapping or laughing. During dinners he will push the laughing button when he makes a joke. Super funny!

We have been giving quite a few blessings this week. This ward has a lot of older members so we get that privilege a lot here. My oil actually ran out and I had to fill it up. First time that has happened.

Oh it was transfers today but Elder Parry and I are staying together for another one. An 8 year old girl that we taught the lessons to for fun got baptized yesterday. We got to be the witnesses. Elder Hansen came so that was cool. His mom sent Elder Parry and I Alabama ties so we all wore those to the baptism. haha.

I love you,
Have a great week,
Elder Arnold

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter


Well everything is going just fantastic! We had a super good Easter weekend. We went to the Greers for lunch. They have a cool easter egg tradition. They put out 10 small eggs for everyone with 4 quarters in each one and 2 big eggs with 5 dollar bills in each one. Elder Parry and I got to split one set so we went out with all the kids and found money easter eggs. Pretty awesome. Plus they were hidden pretty hard so it took a long time.

We pretty much ate food most of the day. It was awesome. haha.

The visit of Elder Bednar was the highlight of the week. That meeting was the most spirtitual meeting I have ever been to. Our mission met inside the stake center chapel next to the Newport Beach Temple.
Sister Bednar is cousins with Sister Bowen so I think that is how we got to meet with him in the first place. It was so surreal to have him walk in. He isn't very tall but he can command a room. He taught us about learning by faith. Instead of just giving a talk he made it very interactive. We made comments and at one point could ask any question we wanted. It turns out that he is super hilarious. Like as funny as John Bytheway. He said some stuff that only an apostle can say. He was very direct in his comments and very practical. I learned a ton.
Although he is just a man you can tell that he has that apostolic office.

The work is true!
Elder Arnold

From Elder Parry's email home from last week

So, we were at Walmart, checking out, and there was a guy buying a case of BEEEEER, and the cashier, Sandy said: "You have to be a certain age to buy that." and so I was expecting a teenager behind me, but when I looked, he was an older man, about mom or dad's ages, and he said: "Don’t let the gray hair fool you, darlin'" It was so funny! Elder Arnold and I just laughed! Or as Dennis would say: "We all had a pretty good laugh about that!" So, that was something that you don’t hear every day!

So, we watched conference at the Stake Center on Saturday, and that tired me out just sitting there! I loved Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood Session. Oh, speaking of which, He is coming to the mission, and we will have a mission conference on Friday, 04/06. It will be great!

Also, on Saturday, between sessions, we saw a homeless guy, and Elder Arnold gave him $5, and a pass along card in English, and Spanish. It took about 10 minutes because when we tried the first time, he had moved to the corner of the street, then back to the original place.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exciting week in the mission

Dear All,

Well I'm writing a little late because we got to go to the temple today. It was super good. It was a little bit sad as well though. Our district leader Elder Anderson is going home at the end of next transfer so this would be his last time to go to the temple. When we got to the temple his recommend had expired 4 days before so he had to wait in the waiting room while we all went in. He just waited there talking to people and stuff. Sad day.

I absolutely loved General Conference! On Saturday we watched at the stake center. There were like 2 other people there. On Sunday we went and watched with a family in our ward named the Barrett’s. We are teaching their friend Katie who is 24 and autistic. She really, really wants to get baptized. They made us a huge breakfast with waffles and bacon and stuff. Super good. My favorite talks were by Ronald L. Hallstrom of the presidency of the seventy. He talked about the difference between the gospel and the church. I also loved Elder Bednar's priesthood talk. I didn't know that his dad wasn't a member growing up. I loved his boldness and the truths he taught about priesthood authority.

Guess what?! On Friday Elder Bednar is coming to visit our mission. We are having a mission conference at the stake center next to the temple. I am so excited. It will be awesome to be edified by an apostle of the Lord!

I love you all,
Elder Arnold

Yay a Baptism

Dear Everyone,

We had a really great week! Lexie was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday and it all went really well. There were quite a few people in attendance which was really nice. So the story with the family is that Bro. Hardin joined the church when he was 27 and has been a very active member ever since. He does really well in business. He owns 5 car dealerships that are pretty prominent in the area. The most famous is called Hardin Honda. It is really cool that he is such a great member. He and his wife are leaving on a mission in about a month to Wyoming. None of his kids have really stayed that active in the church. So Lexie is his granddaughter and she told him that she wanted to be baptized so we started teaching her. It has been cool to see her grasp the concepts and make this decision on her own. My favorite part of the baptism was when Bro Hardin was saying the baptismal prayer his voice choked up with emotion. The Spirit was so strong! It is the best thing ever to see families being strengthened by the gospel. I absolutely love it! Elder Parry and I got to stand in the confirmation circle on Sunday and it was a great opportunity.

We also taught a kid named Sev this week that we tracted into. He was pretty nice. He is going through hard times right now and has on an ankle bracelet. He comes from a very catholic background. We taught him the first lesson and it went well. It was frustrating though because he doesn't want to meet again because of his family ties to Catholicism. Sad day. But got to keep planting those gospel seeds.

Elder Arnold