Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow 20 years old today!

March 19, 2012

Well it is an interesting feeling to be turning 20 years old today.
While I miss all of you at home tremendously and especially on this my birthday I feel that I am so blessed to be able to serve as a missionary. This has been a year of growth and learning. It has changed the way I look at everything. I love my Savior even more as a result. I understand more clearly what the gospel of Jesus Christ is.

I love that we can always become a little better. Twenty years down, a couple more to go.

One exciting thing that is happening this week is that Lexi is getting baptized on Saturday! We are really excited for her and this great choice she is making. She is being a wonderful example to her family. She is only 12 and already making great choices. It will be a great day!

Jeremy gave a talk this Sunday that was really good. I was surprised that they had him speak since he was only baptized in January but it was awesome. It means the rest of his family has come two weeks in a row. They’re almost active. haha. He is such a great example of how the gospel of Jesus Christ can change you. To see where most of his peers are at and the choices he is making is cool.

This work is true.
Jesus is the Christ!
Elder Arnold

PS I like the playing TCG with grownups memory. Remember that tournament we entered with the super hero card game and I won one of the games I played in. Thinking about it now that guy probably felt like an idiot because he lost to a kid. haha pretty funny.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presents. I am really looking forward to reading those journals. The pillow tie will be great for next sacrament meeting. haha. Or general conference I guess. haha. Those dvds seem great. I already watched one episode this morning and it was awesome. I think the world of you!

Yeah that is the coolest news ever about Jonathan (state culinary team win). I vote that he should be assigned as permanent cook for future family reunions. What do you think?

Wow that is pretty interesting about all the local politics stuff. I think it is awesome that you are getting involved with all of that stuff. Our stake president here counseled everyone to get more involved in the community. Sounds like you are doing a good job.

This is Elder Parry's email home. I thought you might like to read it too.

Dear Family,

This last week was great! I don’t know where to begin! Today is Elder Arnold's 20th birthday! He is 240 months old!

Happy Birthday Amy! Happy Birthday Emmaline! Happy Birthday Samuel! We will be having a baptism on Samuel's 31st birthday! Her name is Lexi Bechtloff, and she is 12 years old! Her dad Robert is NOT a member!
But her mom Roberta is a member, and is less active! Roberta's dad, Lexi's grandpa, Brother Hardin is a member, and he and Sister Hardin are going on a mission to Martin's Cove, and they report there on the 24th of April! The funny part of the whole situation is that Brother Hardin's first name is Dennis. But his wife, Sister Hardin has a VERY VERY unusual name! Her name is, and when I heard this, I was laughing exceedingly hard! I still laugh about it today! Her name is, oh its so funny! Her name is Michael Ann, but she goes by Mikey! So, on the ward list, it says: "Hardin, Dennis and Michael"! So, Samuel, Amy and Emmaline, consider this baptism a birthday gift from me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Also, Stephen Greer is a convert of a few years, and he is going on a mission to the Spokane mission, and reports to the MTC on Wednesday, 04/11. His brother Jeremy is 16, and he was just baptized on January 8! He too is a strong convert! He gave a talk yesterday with a great, strong testimony!

Also, on Saturday morning, we helped a family in the Anaheim 10th Ward move! WORST DAY EVER TO MOVE!!!!! Why? Because it was raining! When it rains in Southern California, It pours! I thought the Lord had broken the promise of his when he said there will be NO more floods, because it rained SO hard! But it rained, rained, rained! "The Rains came down, and the floods came up!" We woke up, we did NOT shower, I just wore my pajamas, a shirt, and my hoodie, and still that was NOT enough! When we got there, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING was packed! The house looked like a bomb went off in that house! Elder Arnold and I spent 4 hours of our lives packing and unpacking the Penske Truck twice! Two pianos! The ramp on the back of the truck broke, so there was a big delay there! I was hungry, tires, cold, wet, and grumpy! But I did NOT let my grumpiness show!

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday, 03/14, and it was a great Zone Conference! It was the Anaheim East/Placentia Zone, and one of the Spanish zones in the mission! President Bowen is a wise man, and I LOVED his words! I took a lot of notes! President Bowen said: "Love you too. It was so good to be with you in Zone Conference. You are a rock!"

One quick funny story! We went to the Relief Society birthday dinner on Thursday night! While there, I met Sister Greene, She said: "It is nice to have you here with us!" Meaning with us in the ward. I was so uncomfortable and nervous and I was NOT paying attention to what I was saying, and I said: "It is nice to have you here with us too!" About 10 or 15 seconds later, I realized what I had said, and I felt SOOO STUPID! I went into the restroom and got all the laughter that I could out! I am soo retarded! But at the same time, it was so funny!

Well, I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

Love, Uncle Al Pal

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