Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome Elder Parry!

Well we have had a really great week. It left me exhausted at the close of each day. I am pretty much ready to go to bed right after we finish planning at 9:30.

We had a 90 year old man come to church with us yesterday. We tracted into him and he said he would be interested in coming to church. The Sunday school lesson was on temple and family history work which was perfect for him to hear about. He wants to start doing family history.

Stephen Greer gave his mission farewell talk which was super good. Most of his family is either less active or not members. So it was a really good missionary opportunity to have them all at sacrament meeting. And to top it off one of the high council members gave a very powerful talk on his conversion and how he went on a mission. Super awesome.

We went to a baptism that Elder Parry helped teach yesterday. It was really cool to go to that baptism. One cool thing that happened this week was a lady I gave a card to got baptized. About two weeks after I left the Yorba Linda 5th ward she called the missionaries to come teach her. Her husband was an extremely less active member and on the do not contact list. I guess he bore his testimony last week at church and it was powerful. I am grateful the Lord let me play a small part in helping that family.

We taught a crazy guy this week named Fred. Here is what Elder Parry wrote about it:

Also, Saturday was an interesting day. We were on our way to the leasing office, and a man came up to us, and asked us questions. We ended up teaching him the first lesson, and he was NOT all there mentally. His name was Fred, and he told us that he was raised by Keebler Elves, and that mankind went with Elves, and then Vikings, and then Aliens. He kept saying the word sexy, and besides that, he didn’t have very clean language! I had a bottle of pink lemon-aid, and he said that we had sexy eyes, and that my pink drink was sexy! Every five or so words the word sexy was in his vocabulary! There was a man there at the park with his kids, and he said: "Are you having Bible study?" We said we were! When the man left, Fred said: "Was that Jesus?" We told him that it wasn’t Jesus. We invited him to pray, and he said: "No! I’m an Anti-Christ!" But he said he loved God! We invited him to read the Book of Mormon, and he said he couldn’t read. We told him that the Book of Mormon was on CD, and he could listen to it! He said: "NO! I want you to read it to me!" He kept sitting on the table, and Elder Arnold kept telling him to sit down on the bench. He also kept touching my pink drink!

Have a fantastic week!
Elder Arnold

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