Monday, February 27, 2012

Missionary work rocks!

February 21, 2012

Missionary work rocks!

Well we got a new Bishop this week. We went from one amazing Bishop to another one. It is pretty exciting to see all of the changes in the ward. It is now Bishop Streadbeck who I like a lot. On Christmas Eve our dinner got cancelled so we had nowhere to go. We mentioned it to someone who called Bro. Streadbeck and he invited us over. We spent the whole evening with that family. They played games with us and let us be part of their family traditions. Just a great family.

We met with a guy in our ward who went on his mission to Provo. I asked him about if they were under a lot of scrutiny by members. He said that the motto in their mission was every member a mission president. Haha I guess everyone was always checking up on them. I guess they were pretty much celebrities but in the worst way with paparazzi always watching them. Here in California we get the best of both worlds. There are tons of members so we got lots of love. But not so many that you always feel like you have a prison bracelet. Saweet.

We went to Camelot for pday and played mini golf and laser tag. The dad of a member in our ward owns it so we get to go for free. Pretty awesome stuff.

We ate dinner this week with a part member family that is way cool.
The boyfriend is a sniper and detective for Anaheim PD. He made us some way good bison sloppy joes which I have never had.

Have a great week,
Share the gospel in some small way,
Elder Arnold

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