Friday, February 17, 2012

I love being a missionary

February 13, 2012

We had such a fantastic week. There were a lot of good times. Jeremy got ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. His older brother Stephen got his mission call to Washington Spokane English speaking. He reports to the MTC on Apr 11. It is so cool that he has been a member for barely over a year and he is going on a mission in two months. He is such a great kid.

I spoke in sacrament meeting with the ward mission leader on the best subject ever which is missionary work of course. I told about the parable of the gps. When we went on a trip to King’s Peak, I was in the slow group and we got behind and didn't know where we would be camping for the night. We knew where we were but not where we were going. Then I got out my gps and called for help because I knew that Ben had one to. A little while later he got on it and came back for us and showed us the way. There are people in the world that don't know where to go and what path to take to get there. As brothers we need to remember them and get out our gps and respond to their cries for help.

I also talked about the taxi driver in Boston who left random gospel stuff in different places. When he picked up a woman one time he offered her an Ensign and she told him she already subscribed to it. He asked if she was a member she said no that she just found it somewhere (at McDonald’s) and really liked it so now she subscribes to it (and the cab driver is the one who left it there). The ward laughed pretty hard about that one and so I will probably start seeing Ensigns everywhere. I suggested, just like President Uchtdorf did, that when someone asks how our weekend went, we can share a gospel related response tied into what we learned at church. I suggested that they tell people about the best talk ever that they heard from someone named Elder Arnold. haha. It was fun to give a talk and just share my enthusiasm about missionary work.

We had a good experience doing our laundry this morning. A lady came over in the laundry mat and asked if we were JWs or Mormons. We answered Mormons of course and we had a nice little discussion. She has a close friend who is a member and has had some recent experiences with her that have seemed to prepare her to learn more. We got her address so we will see if anything else happens because of it.

I always tell people that being a missionary is the best thing ever.
Because it is.
Elder Arnold

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