Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shrimp Boat

January 17, 2012

This week I had the craziest thing ever. haha. We went and had sushi with a member on Wednesday. He ordered me something called a shrimp boat. They take a shrimp and put a couple of things in it. They then crack a quail egg into it. It is a raw egg. And then you eat it. It super sketched me out but it was actually really pretty good. I am starting to like sushi a lot except for the rolls. I don't like the seaweed so boo those things. The raw fish by itself is super good.

We haven't been up to much exciting stuff lately. I got to see a lambo(orghini) this week so that was pretty cool. One of the members owns one so we went and looked at it in the garage. It is super fancy and I would feel out of place to drive it out onto the road. But still way cool.

We had dinner with the Deseret Book manager this week. We peppered him with questions like he was a superstar. haha. We had lots of questions about all things church. He served his mission in Hungary which is where a kid just went to from my last ward.

Well nothing really else to report on.

Elder Arnold

Jeremy's baptism

January 10, 2012

Wow what a great week. I just got back from the temple which was fantastic. It is always a great experience and gets me fired up to do missionary work.

Jeremy's Baptism was really great. A bunch of his family was there and it was really well attended. His brother Stephen baptized him which was just about the coolest thing ever. It is amazing to see someone make such a great choice when most of his peers are making bad choices. I gave the missionary invite at the end about Joseph Smith so that was fun.

Have to run,
Elder Arnold

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2012

Wow I can't believe that it is already 2012. Super crazy. We had a really great week. I am getting to know a lot more people in the ward so that is good. For New Year's Eve we went to a sushi place with a couple in our ward named the Ackermans. That is only the second time I have had sushi and it was super good. I ate everything with chopsticks like a pro. I had to learn how to do that with the Wans in my last ward. Everybody else ate their salad with a fork. Lame. Haha.

Jeremy is getting baptized on Sunday! He is such a stud kid. I don't know if I told you about him yet but he is 16. He plays baseball and football. His parents are both inactive members and his older brother got baptized a year ago and is now about to submit his mission papers. We have been teaching Jeremy a lot this past week. We probably saw him every other day. We went and had pizza with him on Wednesday. Super good. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him last night which was way fun. His older brother Stephen is the one that will be baptizing him which is the coolest thing ever. I am so excited!

The marvelous work is moving forward one day at a time. I taped into my shoes the words Faith and Obedience. One on each shoe. Steps of Faith and Obedience bring miracles.

Elder Arnold

Glad Christmas Tidings

December 26, 2011

Everything was super good for Christmas! We went to a family called the Streadbecks for Christmas Eve. We played a bunch of games with them. Including a little Ping Pong! It was way fun. They have a tradition that they all get PJ's so we watched them open all those up. The little kids were super cute as they opened them up.

For Christmas day we had so much food! So good. We went to a couple of different places for dinner and it was a lot of fun. Christmas in California was overall a success.

Got to go,
Elder Arnold

Starting Over

December 19, 2011

All is well here in California! I am loving my new area and companion. It feels a little bit like I am starting my mission over except with a bunch of new skills. It is a lot of fun to be meeting new people every day. I forgot what it was like to go to dinner and have to go through the whole where are you from, what did you study, and how long have you been out barrage of questions. There are so many cool families in this ward so it is awesome to slowly get to know them all. It is weird to go to church and not know people’s names but I am slowly learning them. I sit in class and just ask Elder Hansen what all the names of people are and then go introduce myself after. It's saweet!

I am harvesting all of the Christmas presents that the last Elder was supposed to get so that is good. I got a Donald Trump tie from this one lady in our ward who is super awesome. When we left her house her three year old daughter Eveylynn was playing in her room so we forgot to say goodbye. We got a text like 1 min after we left telling us that she was super sad that we didn't say goodbye. So we drove back over and when we walked up to the door we could just hear the little girl balling inside. She was crying and crying. She was okay after she saw us and got to say goodbye. It was so cute!

We went out to eat a bunch of times this week with members. There are really cool places here. We went to a burrito place called Freebirds. It is kind of like Cafe Rio but less Mexican themed and going more for a retro look. They wrap everything in tinfoil and then you get to fold it into whatever you want. Last time I guess they made a little mormon.org thing but it got taken down. I made an awesome watch so it might get left up. We also got the awesome buttons from there. They use them for their name tags. We started talking to the employees and they liked us so we were able to ask for them. They are pretty cool.

We have a good pool of investigators here. There is a 16 year old kid named Jeremy that we are teaching. His brother was baptized a year ago and is preparing for a mission now. Jeremy will probably be baptized sometime in January. He is way cool and it is a lot of fun to teach him. There are a couple of other great investigators but I will write about them another time.

Have a Fantastic Christmas!
Elder Arnold