Monday, November 7, 2011

Time is Flying

Wow it seems like this week just started. Where has time gone? Well everything is pretty awesome here in Yorba Linda. It has been a rainy weekend so that was pretty fun. It is a good break from the sunshine weather we are used to.

We started out the week by going trick or treating and getting lots of candy. We just went around to members houses and loaded up with candy. A lot of people don't really go trick or treating anymore but they go to malls and stuff like that instead. So we were some of the only visitors to some of the houses so we got extra candy from them. Saweet.

Marylou and Noah are both doing super good. They both came to church yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. Noah is planning on being baptized on Dec 3rd and is progressing really good. He is now living the Word of Wisdom and it is really cool to see him making changes in his life. Marylou texted us this week and told us how grateful she is for Elder Tait and I and said that we are men of light. Very cool.

Have a good week.
Elder Arnold

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