Monday, November 14, 2011

Me sick two do do’s

(To understand Matthew's title, you need to understand some of Matthew's history. When Matthew was about 2 years old, we went to a ward Halloween party and Matthew ate two donuts, although I warned him that he shouldn't eat too many. He then said to me, "Me sick. Two do do's." Everytime he felt sick after that for several months, he said, "Me sick. Two do do's.")

I had to title my email that because I got a little sick this week but I am all better now. I was out of commission for about a day on Friday with just a bad cold. A little bit of rest did the trick and I am feeling okey dokey now. So all in all life is going super good.

So one cool thing about this week was Elder Tait and I got a bowling ball each when we went to PJ Carrols house. He is the old Irish guy in our ward. He loves to talk about bowling and he gave us some of his old bowling balls. I don't know what we are going to do with them but they are pretty sweet. We are planning on going bowling with him in a couple of weeks so that will be really fun.

We went to a baptism in the ward next to us yesterday. It was way awesome to attend. It was a part member family so the husband and two boys were baptized. Since they have been in the ward forever everybody knew them and attended the baptism. So it had to be in the chapel to fit everybody in. I got to do the missionary invite at the end so that was a little nerve wracking but I survived it. And life moves on.

Missionary work is amazing.
Elder Arnold

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