Monday, October 24, 2011

Same ol' same ol'

Not too much has happened since I last wrote. We have been doing good here. I have been eating lots of pomegranate because we took some from one of the members. I forgot how much I like to eat them.

We got to teach a friend of one of the members this week. It was way awesome because most of the questions she had were answered by the members. So that is exciting. She has investigated a lot in the past and is going to start again now. She feels like the doctrine and organization of the church is too good to be true. Kinda funny. She just needs a spiritual witness that it is true. It was also a great lesson because we got to eat pizza while teaching it. Always a good combo.

Church this week was really good as usual. The talks as well as priesthood lessons were on the power of scriptures. I am finding out how true that is as I dig into them every day. I love to share stories from the Book of Mormon with people because they relate so well to what is happening with people. The only bad thing about Church is that we were supposed to have two investigators there and they both bailed. Sad day. It is pretty frustrating that people have their agency. I want to make people do stuff. That is probably a bad thing. I understand better how parents feel about their kid’s wrong choices or how God feels when we make a bad choice.

I love you,
Elder Arnold

Elder Tait is super tall. He is 6'4" and is supposed to grow another 4 inches before he goes home. I bet we scare people when two tall dudes knock on their door. There was a lemon tree behind us. We get to go and help those people pick fruit. I have picked oranges and pomegranates there. It is pretty sweet. I haven't taken very many pictures with my camera yet. I will get on that though.

Transfers are next Monday so I will find out on Saturday night if I am leaving. My guess is that I will be leaving but you never know. Kind of sad because I have gone this long without very many good investigators and now that I finally have some I will probably be transferred. O well.

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