Monday, October 3, 2011


September 26, 2011

It has been an amazing week. Really great things are beginning to happen in our area.

First I want to tell you a story about miraculous timing that happened this week. Elder Tait and I haven't been tracting very much these last couple weeks because we have been focusing on following up with people in the area book and on working with members. On Tuesday we felt that we needed to go out and knock on some doors to find a new investigator. At about 7 that night we knocked into a really nice lady. She let us in right away and proceeded to tell us her story. She had joined the Church about 5 years ago and had even been married in the temple. But she had fallen away and gotten divorced from her husband. She had since remarried a nonmember. She didn't know what to believe about God anymore. Her Dad had passed away about a year before and she felt that that was it. She had anxiety about death and she would just picture people all around her dying. Then this last week she had gone to a camp in Utah where she had some profound spiritual experiences. She felt her Dad's presence and knew that he wasn't gone and that there was more after this life. After returning from this camp we knocked on her door two nights later when missionaries hadn't knocked on her door in two years. We set up a return appointment and taught her husband. They were both at church this week. I know that God is looking out for his sheep. He is guiding us to them to bring them back to the fold.

We are also starting to see miracles by working with the members of our ward. We have been going around and sharing quick messages about the joy of missionary work with the members. On Saturday we taught a young couple that had just recently moved in to our ward. We shared the message and then talked about some of the people they were thinking about. We talked about a friend from school and their neighbor down stairs that they wanted to get to know better. Right after we left they ran into their neighbor and had a great conversation with her. The next day she knocked on their door to invite them to a bible study and they ended up being able to talk about the Church with her and inviting her to come with them. She accepted. Missionary work is contagious.

Elder Arnold

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