Friday, October 21, 2011


October 10, 2011

Super awesome week. It rained a lot on Wednesday. I was on exchanges with another missionary that only has one leg. He uses a prosthetic leg. He packed really light because it is only for a day, right? So I got to wear my nice new rain jacket and he got to get soaking wet. We decided to walk around a lot that day and ended up walking 4 miles in the rain. I thought it was awesome; he wasn't so thrilled. Haha.

I have a way awesome story for this week. At night we go and walk around sometimes in the ghetto-ish area next to our apartments. On Elder Tait's second day here we ran into these two 21 year old kids and we asked if we could give them a card. It was a girl named Kim and a guy named Jesse. They have rough backgrounds meaning that they do drugs and swear a lot. Kim has a four year old son named Ezais. Then we started to talk about what they believed about God. Neither of them really believed in God very much. I told them my story of praying when I was in Dark Canyon and they kind of just laughed me off like I knew they would. Then Jesse started going off on Elder Tait for not sticking up and saying anything. It was only his second day out and I think it scared him pretty good because Jesse was dropping the f-bomb at him a lot. We walked off not really expecting anything to come of it. Probably about a month later we talked to them again when they were outside. I pulled out my gangsta side and started talking to them about rap music and stuff just trying to get to know them better. They thought it was pretty funny that a Mormon was trying to be thug. Then we walked off and talked to some other people. The another night we ran into them at a park and talked to them more. We jokingly told them that we were going to teach the gospel to them. They recoiled a little bit at first like no way. Then they said that if we did something crazy first then we could. I didn't like the idea of that so we talked to them some more and then left for another appointment. By this time we were starting to become friends and we just could mess with them a little bit. Then this last week when I was with Elder Downing on exchanges we stopped by the house they live at. It is Kim's parent's house. We asked if they were ready to hear the gospel yet. They said only if we brought them some beer to drink while we taught them. We said, "Give us 15 minutes." We went to the grocery store and bought........root beer. We took a sharpie and crossed off where it said root on the packaging. Then we went back over there and they looked at it for a little while confused. Like what kind of beer is that. Then they realized it was root beer and they thought it was funny. So Jesse was like yeah you can totally teach Kim now. He made her own up to her word. We went back the next day and taught mostly Kim but kind of Jesse lesson 1. We have stopped by a couple of more times and are still teaching them. The next step is to get Kim to come to church. It is cool because they don't know really anything about religion. We taught her 4 year old son how to pray and it is super cute. I love being with them because they are fun to hang out with and joke with. It is going to be hard to get them to live the standards of the gospel but it will be fun to try. Jesse is usually smoking weed when we go over but that can change. That is what the gospel is there for. I am learning to not give up on people and that the gospel is for everyone. Even druggies.

I love gospel. God lives.
Have a great week,
Elder Arnold

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