Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doing Good

Another good week as always. We have been having some warm weather as of late but it should hopefully cool off pretty soon.

People always ask us how we (Elder Tait and I) are doing. I never quite know how to respond because we pretty much do most of the same stuff every day. We just drive around and try to talk to people about the restored gospel. I usually just say we are doing good the same as always. Fun stuff.

We got to teach a lesson this last week to a really interesting guy named Jack. He had us come in the back to his pool house I guess you would call it. It was an awesome man cave. Big ol TV and pool table. Pretty much an entire library with lots of books and stuff. He has an interesting story about why he believes the bible. For him it comes down to whether or not Christ was really resurrected. He thinks the lives of the apostles and the witnesses of Jesus Christ's resurrection are sufficient evidence that it really happened. The fact that all of the apostles were killed for it and the tortures they went through for it shows that they weren't just making it up. Kind of interesting point of view. He says he is right now agnostic about the Book of Mormon. Meaning he doesn't know what to believe. I don't know if we are going to get to talk to him again because he is super busy but it was refreshing to talk to someone that is logical and really just wants to know the truth.

Great things are happening.
Have a great week.
Elder Arnold

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