Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Here

Another transfer has come and gone. I am still here in Yorba Linda with Elder Tait so that is good. It seems like time is flying so fast. I love getting to spend all day in the service of the Lord.

One thing that we did this week was help one of our neighbors move. It ended up taking a long time because not that many people were there. I was really sore the next day. I could barely grab my scriptures. Ouch.

One thing that I have really grown to love is sharing messages with people and just inviting the Spirit into their home. As long as we are taking our job seriously then the Spirit is always with us. We can make a big difference in just making people's day just a little bit better. It seems whenever we plan to go and see someone that they were having a hard day. This last week we went and visited some less active members of the ward that I had never gotten into before. The wife was having a tough day and we were able to give her a blessing. It uplifted and edified all of us. And now we have a much better relationship with them and will be able to go back and visit with them more. The Lord is always opening up doors.

Have a great week.
Elder Arnold

Monday, September 12, 2011

I wish I was in Primary

Hello everyone. Another fantastic week in Yorba Linda the land of gracious living.

One great thing that happened this week was a baptism in the ward next to ours. A guy named Derek was baptized. His girlfriend is a member and so he decided to take the missionary discussions. I got the opportunity on exchanges to teach him once and it was really awesome to see him get baptized. I can already picture him being a great member of the church.

I decided I want to attend primary from now on at church. Elder Tait and I got to teach sharing time this week. We just introduced ourselves and told stories and sang our favorite primary songs. My favorite is Nephi's courage. It is really fun to be with all of the little kids. I think Sr. primary was more reverent than most of my teenage Sunday School classes I went to. Elder Tait told the story of knocking into a guy we have been teaching. We were knocking doors one day and it was hot. It was Elder Tait's turn for the door approach but I don't think he was expecting anyone to answer because when a younger guy answered the door he just stood there and didn't say anything. Haha kind of awkward. But the guy just said, "Come on in." Awesome. We started teaching him the first discussion and he accepted it really well. We taught him the second discussion the next week and he ate it up. Sad day though is that we passed him to the Single Ward Elders. We are all on the same team though.

I love you all,
Elder Arnold

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doing Good

Another good week as always. We have been having some warm weather as of late but it should hopefully cool off pretty soon.

People always ask us how we (Elder Tait and I) are doing. I never quite know how to respond because we pretty much do most of the same stuff every day. We just drive around and try to talk to people about the restored gospel. I usually just say we are doing good the same as always. Fun stuff.

We got to teach a lesson this last week to a really interesting guy named Jack. He had us come in the back to his pool house I guess you would call it. It was an awesome man cave. Big ol TV and pool table. Pretty much an entire library with lots of books and stuff. He has an interesting story about why he believes the bible. For him it comes down to whether or not Christ was really resurrected. He thinks the lives of the apostles and the witnesses of Jesus Christ's resurrection are sufficient evidence that it really happened. The fact that all of the apostles were killed for it and the tortures they went through for it shows that they weren't just making it up. Kind of interesting point of view. He says he is right now agnostic about the Book of Mormon. Meaning he doesn't know what to believe. I don't know if we are going to get to talk to him again because he is super busy but it was refreshing to talk to someone that is logical and really just wants to know the truth.

Great things are happening.
Have a great week.
Elder Arnold