Thursday, August 25, 2011

The crazy life of a missionary…

August 22, 2011

Well one more week has passed by. Everything is going really well. Time is flying. On Saturday I will have been out for 1/6 of my mission. I feel like I just got here. Crazy.

The crazy awkward thing of the week was that we went to a wedding reception. Huh? You did in fact read that right. This week the Elders in the ward next to us texted us and asked if we had dinner signed up that day. We surprisingly didn't and so they invited us to their dinner. It was some kind of party that a bunch of people were going to be at so they thought it would be okay if we came. When we got there we asked a guy if it was a birthday party. He said uh no it is a wedding reception. Uh oh. This is going to be awkward. We went in and started eating the food. Good thing almost everybody there were members and so they would just say oh the Elders are here awesome. Still it was pretty weird. Then to top it off we had a lesson on eternal marriage in Elder's Quorum on Sunday. Nice.

This week we had a missionary leadership training meeting. It was fun because I got to see Elder Johnson again and some of the other missionaries I know. We learned about the doctrine of Christ and how to hold more effective companionship studies. Stuff I need to get better at so it was really good. This upcoming week should be awesome because we are having a mission lunch. Inn n' Out is going to cater it and the entire mission is getting together to grow in unity. President Bowen is pretty awesome to set this up. We also get to go to the temple as a Zone on Wednesday. Exciting!

Everything is going well. Have a great week!
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