Thursday, August 4, 2011

Almost Converted

August 1, 2011

Hello all!

Everything is going great out here in California. We even had some rain this week to cool off and that was so good.

One interesting story we had this week was that we attended Calvary Chapel with one of our investigators. Calvary Chapel is a born again Christian church that likes to teach anti Mormon stuff. When we walked in everyone was so happy to see us. I think they thought that we were being converted. Everyone came up and shook our hands and welcomed us to the service. We went to the Saturday night service. It started off with a band playing Christian rock music. Then the preacher gave his sermon which was on life's storms and Acts 27. One thing that I had never really thought of was that they pass the money container around so that people will donate. That was a little funny. At the end of the sermon the preacher told us all to bow our heads and say a prayer to accept Jesus into our lives and we would be saved. Elder Johnson told me after that during this part he prayed a prayer of thanks for the Book of Mormon. Awesome! One good thing that came out of our visit was that a former investigator that we had never met (we had only met his wife) came up and talked to us and told us to stop by anytime. God is always putting people in our path.
This is all the time I have this week. I love you and I pray about you.
Do missionary work!
Get food storage!
Read the Book of Mormon!
Elder Arnold(who almost became born-again, too bad)

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