Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime in Cali

June 27, 2011

Happy week everybody!

Wow the weather here is so beautiful! I might have to live here some day just because I would never have to deal with bad weather. Haha just kidding. I love Provo weather too.

This week we haven't been able to meet with very many of our investigators but we should be able to catch them home this next week. We have had the opportunity to do lots of door knocking. We call it hide and seek because they are hiding and we are seeking. One thing I have learned about talking to people at their door is that you just have to smile and see if they are interested. You can't make a huge difference in whether or not they will let you in. You make a small impact but they are either prepared or not. I love to talk to people about just normal life because then you can really connect with people. I think that I am using up all the words for the rest of my life. I won't be able to talk when I get home because I am using up all my words on my mission.

Bam! Elder Johnson and I this week ate a huge flippin' ridicilous Donut Burger. Read that one more time. Yes a Donut Burger. The buns were donuts. What in the world?!?

Elder you know


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