Thursday, July 7, 2011

I "love" dogs

June 20, 2011

This week has been so great! We have talked to a lot of people who are interested in the gospel and so we will need to follow up with them this week. We met a girl named Katherine. She is a ucla medical student and was super open and said we could come back and teach her about the Book of Mormon. We will see what happens there.

I went on exchanges this week with Elder Brown. We went and visited a less-active(because of health problems) member. He has two golden retriever dogs that shed everywhere. We sat down on the couch and listened to him for awhile. When we got up and left our pants were covered with dog hair on the back. It was the best. We have lots of fun experiences with dogs. Every door we knock has dogs and they start barking really loud. The first week I was here Elder Johnson got bit in the butt by a dog. He was a big dog and he came up and gave him a nip on the butt. So funny! Also last week we almost died. We were visiting some non-members with a son on a mission and we opened the gate to let ourselves in. They property is kind of farm like and they have horses and stuff like that. So we opened the gate and started to walk in. All of a sudden we hear a loud galloping sound. We turn and look and see two huge great danes charging straight at us. We ran back to the gate and barely closed it in time. Wow that was scary. Lots of great things happening here in Cali. Haha.

Yesterday at church we had a father's day feast. There were tables filled with plates of cookies for all of the men. We snuck in under the label of future fathers. We got a little bit of a ribbing for that. O well.

Well have a great week!
Sent with love from Cali,
Elder Matthew Arnold

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