Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disneyland was good!

May 30, 2011

Just kidding no Disneyland for me. This week has been really great and we are talking to lots of people about the gospel.

Let me tell you a little about Yorba Linda. We are in the bible belt of SoCal. There are loads of different churches on every street corner. We talked to a lady and her pastor last Tuesday. We were trying very hard not to bash with him. He kept telling us how much he loved us but then he would bring up some kind of anti-Mormon comment. He was trying to make sure the lady was confused about what we were saying. It was a very interesting lesson to give but we learned more about what he believed.

I am starting to get settled in to normal mission life. I even remember to back up Elder Johnson now and again. On the mission someone has to get out of the car and back the driver up. I always forget and so Elder Johnson is always kicking me out of the car.

The members here in Yorba Linda are the best! They give us meals every night and they show so much love. I am starting to get to know everybody and can talk to people instead of just standing around in church. At least I can talk to people at the start of my mission unlike Amy and Ben.

I love knocking on people's doors and seeing all kinds of random reactions. Some people just slowly close the door and back up. I love those people the most.

Sorry for the short email but I have to go.

I love you all and miss you every single day.
Elder Matthew Arnold

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