Monday, June 13, 2011

Safety for the Soul

Hello everyone at home. Hope everything is going well for you. This week has been great. We have talked to some great people.

I have the best story to tell you. We have an investigator named Adelia. She is from Brazil and is a very nice old lady. She has a crazy personality and is full of life. She is refusing to come to church on the grounds that she isn't a church going person but we are making some progress on that front. This week we went over and helped her with her lds singles account. She signed up for an lds dating website and she isn't even lds. We went over and helped her upload some pictures onto her profile. So hilarious. She is so excited to start dating some mormon men. Haha. Maybe if she meets some mormon guy then she will have to come to church. We will see.

This week we emphasized with the Ready family about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We gave them an assignment to read Alma 32 and then watch Safety for the Soul which is a talk by Elder Holland. It is the really powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. We are just praying that they get an answer to their prayer about the Book of Mormon. We were trying to think of a way to be bold and so we thought we would give them a bold talk to listen to. Elder Johnson says the best way to be bold is to let Elder Holland be bold for us. Booyah.

We had zone conference on Tuesday. It is the last one with President Watrous. Sad. The Watrous' are the best. We talked about the gathering of Israel using the Book of Mormon. It made me very excited to be a gatherer. The mission is very excited to welcome President Bowen and see what he brings to the mission. He is coming July 1.

This is the last week of the transfer. It is only a 5 week transfer because that way President Watrous can make the last transfers. Next transfer will be for 7 weeks. Most likely I will stay with Elder Johnson. Hopefully because he is the best. He is super fun to be around.

We have been playing tennis in the morning for exercise. It is awesome that our apartment complex has tennis courts. I am teaching Elder Johnson how to play and he is learning so fast. We also practice juggling a lot. It is fun to do before bed.

I love the gospel and I love sharing it with people.
Elder Matthew Arnold

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

John 3:5

June 6, 2011

Dale Coy got baptized on Saturday! It was so awesome to see the happiness it brought to the Coy family. Dale showed up to the baptism in his brand new suit. He looked so sharp and happy. Brother Coy has been a member of the Church for about two years. It was so cool to see him baptize and confirm his son. Yesterday he bore his testimony during Sacrament meeting. He talked about how much God does comfort us when we get down and the blessings he gives us. He said he expected all of his trials to go away once he joined the Church of Jesus Christ. However his life was still just as hard. What he has learned from these last six months is that you find happiness through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and not just being a member of the Church. He was so grateful that the Lord softened the heart of Dale's mother and that she finally gave permission for him to get baptized.

This week has been so awesome. Miracles are happening in the Yorba Linda area. This week Elder Johnson and I found four new investigators after not finding any these last two weeks. That is one quarter of all the new investigators found in our zone this week. The first new investigators we found this week are named Eric and Ryan. We knocked into their door and they said that missionaries helped them move in about six years ago but they didn't listen when their parents were taught the discussions. They are ages 20 and 16. They let us in without any hesitation and we had such a great lesson with them. They don't really have any religion and didn't know what the bible is about and why Jesus Christ is so important. We were able to explain to them about the restoration and the plan of salvation. When we told them that they could pray about the Book of Mormon and that they would receive an answer to whether or not it is true by the power of the Holy Ghost their eyes just lit up. They said that they were going to try it out that night. We look forward to teaching them more about the gospel.

We also met a man named Lee this week. We were parked outside of a bar looking up directions and just getting some stuff in order when a guy came out of the bar and started talking to us. He is a Jehovah Witness but has been disfellowshipped because he started smoking and drinking again. We had a great talk with him about what he believed and got his phone number. We had the chance to go and visit him on Saturday and had a lesson with him. He has a lot of strange beliefs but is a great guy who is trying to come closer to God. He has talked to missionaries in the past and his neighbors used to be members before they moved and they left a big impression. We are excited to share more about why The Book of Mormon is so important.

Yesterday we found a Philippino man named Brother Santos. We had a little bit of communication problems with him but were able to share a message about the Book of Mormon in his home with him. We are going to get a Book of Mormon in Tagalog and bring it back for him. We also think somebody in the ward may have gone on a mission there and will be able to speak to him better. He is such a nice old man that was very willing to have us in his home. He kept saying, "first time I heard this." We were happy to be the ones to introduce him to the Book of Mormon and share why it matters.

We got to teach a lesson on polygamy to the Ready family this week. It went over very well and they understood that sometimes God commands us to do differently than the standing commandments. We explained that it really comes down to whether or not Joseph Smith was a prophet. Brother Ready is still reading from the Book of Mormon and praying to receive an answer about it. Right now he doesn't feel that it is true. As he reads it he feels that it was written by a man. He is trying to read very sincerely and we know that God will answer his prayer as he keeps reading.

I love you all very much. Share the gospel with everyone!
Elder Matthew Arnold

Disneyland was good!

May 30, 2011

Just kidding no Disneyland for me. This week has been really great and we are talking to lots of people about the gospel.

Let me tell you a little about Yorba Linda. We are in the bible belt of SoCal. There are loads of different churches on every street corner. We talked to a lady and her pastor last Tuesday. We were trying very hard not to bash with him. He kept telling us how much he loved us but then he would bring up some kind of anti-Mormon comment. He was trying to make sure the lady was confused about what we were saying. It was a very interesting lesson to give but we learned more about what he believed.

I am starting to get settled in to normal mission life. I even remember to back up Elder Johnson now and again. On the mission someone has to get out of the car and back the driver up. I always forget and so Elder Johnson is always kicking me out of the car.

The members here in Yorba Linda are the best! They give us meals every night and they show so much love. I am starting to get to know everybody and can talk to people instead of just standing around in church. At least I can talk to people at the start of my mission unlike Amy and Ben.

I love knocking on people's doors and seeing all kinds of random reactions. Some people just slowly close the door and back up. I love those people the most.

Sorry for the short email but I have to go.

I love you all and miss you every single day.
Elder Matthew Arnold