Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Alive

Hey everybody I am still alive and kicking in the MTC. My companion's name is Elder Herron and he is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a really awesome Elder and we have only had a couple of major fights. Just kidding. MTC life is a little bit crazy because of the strict schedule. However, it is really amazing to be able to study the gospel all day. The principles of the gospel are becoming more and more clear in my mind as I study and learn. We have already started teaching some fake investigators that are acted out by our teachers. I thought at first that I was going to bust out laughing during the lessons but surprisingly enough you stay very focused and can feel the spirit during the lessons. One of the teachers acts as a golden investigator however our other teacher is a little skeptical so she is harder to teach. That is probably more how it is going to be out in the field. Guess what Amy and Ben? One of my teachers is Sister Voyles from the district 2. It is very strange to see her in the videos. Our other teacher is Brother Brown. He is a BYU business student who is very enthusiastic about the gospel and missionary work.

Osama is gone. Crazy! I guess I can't use that as my name at restaurants anymore. Too bad. It is very strange to be cut of from the outside world. Good thing I still get my sports highlights. Thanks Amy! It is kind of funny because when we pick up mail I always have a ton of DearElder letters and it makes the other Elders a little jealous. The sports highlights are usually four pages long. The only Elder who gets more stuff than me is Elder Parry. We have started calling him Elder "Package" Parry because of all the packages he has received from home. He is a really innocent kid from Idaho and he is so hilarious to be around. Thanks Amy for the donut and balloons that really made my day. I talked to Talisa before she left so that is really good and she said that she got the balloon package too and was very thankful for you.

It feels a little bit like home here already. Ryan Chadburn came in this same week and I see him all the time. We have eaten together a couple of times and can hang out in gym. There is also a ton of Elders I know from around Provo that I have run in to so that is cool. When I ran into Leonardo then I really felt like I was at home. I walked away from him with a big smile on my face and just thinking about my family. The other night I was looking at our family picture I have on the desk and Elder Herron said, "Oh I didn't think I had scratched it." I guess that he had knocked it over earlier and was feeling guilty. Haha it was pretty funny because there was no scratch I was just looking closely at my family.

I miss a lot of things from home but am starting to enjoy missionary life. I miss Parks and Rec plus The Office. However, we did get to have movie night yesterday which meant we watched the Testament and it was really good. I guess they realize that the missionaries miss tv so they give us a movie night. Yea! Our district has become really good friends which is really great. We are always pulling pranks on each other like one Elder scared another Elder by popping out of the closet. It was super funny to see his reaction. It is probably not very appropriate for a missionary but o well.

I miss everyone from back home.

I love you all,

Elder Matthew Arnold

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