Monday, May 23, 2011

Elder Arnold Arrives in Anaheim

Well here I am sitting in a library in Anaheim. It seems a little surreal but I am finally here. Wow! Let me tell you about my crazy first week. When I got to Anaheim we had an orientation for most of the day and then we finally got to meet our trainers. Elder Johnson is my trainer and he is super cool. He has been out for about a year and has already trained 3 times. He is from Orem and went to Orem high but we have never met before. Too bad.

After we finished with all of the instructions, we went out and started working. My area is the Yorba Linda 5th Ward. It is a little bit of a rich area but it is kind of a mix of everything. Anyway when we went out and we had dinner with some members. We get really good dinners almost every night. Then that night we did some tracting. Elder Johnson calls it hide n' seek. They are hiding and we are seeking. The fun thing about tracting is all of the crazy people that you meet. That first night I asked this guy if he believed in prophets and he said, "I am a prophet." Weird.

We have a bunch of investigators in our area. That first night we also went and taught the Ready family and it was interesting to be part of a lesson with real people. They are super awesome and the wife makes us cookies every time we go over. Brother Ready went to a temple tour with us on Saturday and he was very interested. I love sharing the gospel and knowing how much happiness it can bring people.

It was very nice to be able to go to a real ward yesterday for church. In the MTC church was just spread out all day and there were only missionaries. Here we get to interact with real members so that is very cool.

We have an investigator called Dale Coy. His dad and brother were baptized a while ago. He is now 9 and really wants to get baptized. He had to get his mom's permission and she wasn't really wanting to give permission. Then we got the Bishop to call her and he had a really great chat with her and so now he can get baptized. The baptism will most likely be on June 4th. Yay I am so excited for him!

We met a really great lady named Rowena this week. We talked to her at the door and she said we could come back the next week so we will be seeing her on Wednesday. She is going through a hard time because both of her parents have recently passed away. We really feel that the gospel can bless her life and bring peace and happiness. She works in the army and has had to go to Iraq. She is a single mom with two kids who are 15 and 11. I hope our visit with her goes well.

Sad news. My MTC companion Elder Herron got a hair line fracture in his wrist the second day out in the field. He is ok now though. He got a cast and now him and his companion just walk everywhere. It is a bike area and he isn't very good on a bike. He got scared when a car was coming and so he just jumped of his bike. Ouch. I talked to him on Saturday and it seems like he isn't too depressed. So that is good.

I am loving Cali! It is fun to walk the streets as a missionary just like I have seen my whole life. Have a great week!
Elder Matthew Arnold

Tony Wan is the father of a recent convert family. They are super awesome. We went over there to visit and share a message. We left with a whole bunch of food. Sister Pope is super nice and I'm glad that you got to meet her. Everyone is just taking care of me here and it is the best.

I don't need a bicycle as of right now. We will see if I ever get transferred to a bike area. I haven't gotten any paper letters yet. They deliver the mail to us every Thursday. You are just supposed to mail all letters to the Mission Office. They told us to tell you that you shouldn't send anything perishable because they only deliver it once a week. Next week I will bring my camera with me and send some pictures home. I live in an apartment so that is cool.

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  1. Allen just saw the picture of Matthew and Elder Johnson and said - "I know that guy! Ben Johnson. He's a crazy runner!" Small world! Can you send us Matthew's email? Allen would like to write to him.