Thursday, April 28, 2011

There He Went. To Serve the Lord.

The bittersweet day arrived and we drove to the MTC. We were all skeptical about the new curb side drop off system as we passed a hundred missionaries waiting to snatch up the incoming missionaries. They kept waving to us with smiles on their faces and we thought how dare you smile at us when we are about to leave our son/brother!

Turns out the drop off at the curb was better than the old system. No painful movies, no counting down the minutes, and ..... no tears. But there were plenty of tears after the fact. We are going to miss our boy. He sure brightens things up with his laugh and we will miss the way he drives us crazy with all the questions he asks.

He was well prepared and now gets to meet the challenge!

The last thing I heard him say as he walked away, "Oh man. This is weird!"

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  1. I was having a tear free day until I read this, Amy. I was just trying to put this picture on his blog when I discovered that you had already done it.